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During the past years security issues has become an important aspect to many European countries. World is coping with wide range of challenges as migration, cyber-attacks and other new difficulties, including recent virus led crisis.

This leads to fact that there is a need not only for high quality training for young security specialists, but also for the trainings that will allow them to be better prepared for the crisis, as well as possibly to eliminate many dangers before they happen and turn into crisis. There is a great lack of digital teaching and learning materials in the security field, especially for security risk management.

7 partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain joined their knowledge and expertise and developed this ERASMUS+ project which aim to develop different teaching materials on security risk management. In this platform you will find interesting and useful information, many reading materials, digital security vocabulary, recommendation, exercises, video materials and many other useful learning tools.

Main target groups of the project are teachers and students of security field, faculties and Universities and training centres providing education and training on Security and security field professionals. At the same time materials will be interesting to anyone who is interested in security issues.

Project will create long term positive impact in security field in general and will also provide solid digital teaching material portal for security specialists. Also long term impact is foreseen on the students and later – young security specialists. If you are interested in security risk management – explore our webpage and materials and contact us to join our network!