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About the project

ERASMUS+ cooperation partnership in higher education “Digital education tools for security risk management”

During the past years security has become an important issue to many European countries. The world is coping with a wide range of challenges such as migration, cyber-attacks and other new difficulties, including the recent virus led crisis.

This leads to fact that there is a need not only for high quality training for young security specialists, but also for the training that will allow them to be better prepared for the crisis, as well as possibly to eliminate many threats before they happen and turn into crise. There is a great lack of digital teaching and learning materials in the security field, especially if we are talking about security risk management.

This project aims to establish a sustainable security specialists’ network, which can cooperate on a long term basis. During the project we will develop recommendations for Universities which are preparing security specialists in Europe. Also, the partnership will develop and maintain comprehensive and up-to-date digital teaching materials and tools, gathered on one web platform which contains the most updated information on security risk management aspects available for all security experts, students and academics. 

Results of the project

The main target groups of the project are teachers and students of security related study programmes in Universities and training centres providing education to security professionals. At the same time, materials will be interesting to anyone who is interested in security issues.

Within the frame of the project we will create:

Result 1

Recommendations for higher education institutions – how and what to teach  to security specialists nowadays. A document developed by experts from 6 partner countries.

A vocabulary and a glossary for the security risk management field – including more than 100 terms used in security risk management studies in 7 languages.

12 different video lessons on security risk management topics – watch the videos and learn about the topic. 

European best practices on security risk management – reading materials, a compilation of various subtopics.

Practical exercises for students – for individual use and group work. Exercises which will help you to train your skills and knowledge.

In the summer of 2023 the partnership will organise an Intensive course for students from the 6 countries to test developed materials and tools. In the autumn of 2024 there will be several information events – an international conference in Latvia, national seminars in the Netherlands and Finland and on-line events organised by the Spanish, Norwegian and Lithuanian partners. 

Project implementation period: 28.02.2022 to 27.12.2024. The project is financed by the ERASMUS+ programme. Project number: 2021-1-LV01-KA220-HED-000023056. 

Watch video about SECUREU project: