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In this section you will find video lessons related to security and safety as well as security risk management. Each video lesson is 10-20 minutes long. Students can use these video lessons for self-study, teachers can use them as illustrative and educative materials for lessons and home assignments. 


UĢIS ZAČS, Lecturer of Turiba University, Latvia

This lesson will give you a introduction about security and why it is important to plan, asses and pay attention to security topics in your organisation or company. In the video you will learn about the most typical mistakes which organisations make when they think about their security.


KĀRLIS APALUPS, Board member of Association of Security Professionals of Latvia, Lecturer of Turiba University

Security risk management is an essential part of organizational security, because it assesses the potential threats to a particular organization and ideally mitigates or prevents them. This video involves the basic principles of Security risk management, the ISO 31000 standards, risk matrix and possible tools for risk identification and mitigation.

Watch this video about the SECUREU project and learn more about our activities and initiatives.