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CONRIS Network report on skills of Security specialists

SECUREU project organized an international discussion with CONRIS network members. CONRIS is a network of universities with accredited degree programs in risk, safety & security management. Several partners of this project are members of CONRIS network and that why CONRIS network was invited to organise discussions of experts and with their knowledge support SECUREU project.
Here you can read the report about skills and qualities required for young security professionals, the qualities of a good security team member, and the knowledge, skillset, and awareness needed in the security business in the next 3 to 7 years.
From the CONRIS experts’ discussion, it is clear that metaskills and qualities, such as cultural tolerance, critical thinking, ethical sensibilities, and communication, are essential for young security professionals and effective security team members. Similarly as CONRIS network experts, also experts in national round table meetings emphasized the significance of excellent soft skills and management abilities.
Furthermore, CONRIS experts highlighted the importance of field-specific hard skills, such as knowledge of professional terminology and the application of risk management within organizations. Experts pointed out importance of digitalization, emerging technologies, and AI within the security field.
Additionally, knowledge and awareness of evolving legislation, emerging technologies, and the interplay between different factors in the security business are crucial for long-term success. It is important to continuously develop and adapt skills and knowledge to meet the changing demands of the security field.