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The security risk management vocabulary and glossary is also available in Ukrainian

To enable students studying security risk management to develop their English language skills, SECUREU project partners have developed a vocabulary of security risk management. The vocabulary includes over 100 field-related terms, as well as an accessible glossary that explains key field terms and definitions.
In addition, we offer students an interactive learning tool, Quzilet, with the help of which they can learn these terms in the form of quizzes and games.

Being able to communicate and understand each other in English in the field of security is very important, nowadays security issues go beyond the borders of one country and without cooperation at the international level, the security field is no longer conceivable. It is equally important to create a common understanding of security risk management terms. That is why we have compiled various definitions and explanations of the main terms in this field.

The dictionary and glossary on the website are available in English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Finnish, Flemish and Spanish. Thanks to Andrii Balaba from Ukraine, who is studying business management program at Turība University, the dictionary and glossary of security risks management were translated and are also available in Ukrainian.
You are welcome to familiarize yourself with these resources and improve your language skills in the field of security risk management – LINK HERE.