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Video recording of the Conference

On February 28th Turiba University hosted the conference “SECURING TOMORROW: STRENGTHENING THE SECURITY PROFESSIONAL”. This international event was organised in cooperation of 6 partner Universities teaching security.

The conference gathered students, lecturers and professionals in the field of Security from six countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and Spain. The conference discussed the results of the project, upcoming plans, and the project’s objective to enhance security risk training through digital resources. Guest presentations at the conference were given by project partners from Latvia, Spain, and the Netherlands, addressing topics such as the application of artificial intelligence in biometric data processing, administrative management in security organizations, and security risk-oriented study processes.

In today’s changing and troubled times, it is important to diversify your knowledge and understanding of security questions, which is why such conferences are important. The use of modern technologies, together with knowledge of legal aspects, as well as the implementation of risk management standards in an organized manner and avoiding habits and routines, is the key to success in achieving a higher level of security.
Recording of the Conference can be found HERE.